The Legendary, Lovely Marlene

Dietrich Concerts

Marlene Dietrich by Rene Bouche

'That basic design of that gold sequined dress that had served her so well during her ''army years'' that had called forth those wolf whistles from adoring GI's, was now pressed back into service.'-Maria Riva

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Jan. 19th 1963.

Brussels Music Hall, Belgium. Jan. 26th-31st 1963.

Parador del Foc, Valencia, Spain. March 15th-16th 1963.

Kursaal, Baden-Baden, Germany. June 3rd-14th 1963.

Terrazza Casino Club, Mexico. July 3rd-14th 1963.

Port-o-Call Inn and Country Club, Tierra Verde, Florida. Aug. 27th-31st 1963.

Shoreham Hotel, Washington D.C. Sept. 6th-14th 1963.

Montecello Inn, Framingham, Massachusetts. Sept. 19th-28th 1963.

Berns Salonger, Stockholm. Oct .19th 1963.

Royal Albert Hall, London, England. Oct .25th 1963.

Prince of Wales Theatre London. Nov. 4th 1963.

Kongress-Saal des Kulturpalastes, Warsaw. Jan. 18th-19th 1964.

Palace de Gstaad, Switzerland. Feb.15th 1964.

Akademietheater Puschkin, Leningrad. May 1964.

Estradentheater, Moscow. May 21st-June 2nd 1964.

Cabaret Hallen, Liseberg, Denmark. June ?-16th 1964.

Grona Lunds Tivoli, Stockholm. June 18th-30th 1964.

Lieseberg Cabaret Hallen, Sweden. June 19th 1964.

Palm Beach Casino, Cannes. July 21st 1964.

Tivoli, Copenhagen. Aug. 1st-15th 1964.

Casino Kursaal, Taormina, Italy. Aug. 19th 1964.

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. Aug. 31st-Sept. 5th 1964.

Houston Music Hall, Texas. Sept. 23rd 1964.

Masonic Temple, San Francisco. Sept. 25th-27th 1964.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver. Sept. 29th-30th 1964.

Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University, Indianapolis. Oct. 5th 1964.

Pabst Theater , Milwaukee. Oct. 7th-11th 1964.

Queen's Theatre, London, England. Nov. 23rd-Dec. 12th 1964.

Civic Theatre, Johannesberg. April 28th 1965.

Drury Lane, Theatre Royal, London, England. May 30th 1965.

Tivoli, Copenhagen. June 28th-July. 18th 1965.

Theatre Royal, Brighton, England. Aug. 2nd-7th 1965.

Birmingham Theatre Hippodrome, England. Aug. 9th-14th 1965.

Golder's Green Hippodrome, London, England. Aug. 16th-21st 1965.

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. Aug. 23rd-28th 1965.

Manchester Opera House, England. Aug. 30th-Sept. 4th 1965.

Royal Court Theatre , Liverpool. Sept. 6th-11th 1965.

Bristol Hippodrome, England. Sept. 13th-18th 1965.

Princess Theatre, Melbourne. Oct. 7th-23rd 1965.

Theatre Royal, Sydney, Australia. Oct. 28th-Nov. 13th 1965.

Rural Music Centre, Israel. Feb. 12th-24th 1966.

Frederik R. Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv. Feb. 15th 1966.

Jerusalem. Feb. 18th-19th 1966.

Haifa, Israel. Feb. 23rd 1966.

Kongress-Saal des Kulturpalastes, Warsaw. Feb. 26th-Mar.1st/7th 1966.

Gdansk, Poland. Mar. 2nd-4th 1966.

Warsaw. March 6th 1966.

City Hall, Durban, South Africa. April 4th-9th 1966.

Alhambra Theatre, Capetown, South Africa. April 11th-16th 1966.

Civic Theatre, Johannesburg. April18th-23rd 1966.

Golder's Green Hippodrome, London, England. Oct. 31st-Nov. 5th 1966.

Alhambra Theatre, Glasgow. Nov. 7th-12th 1966.

New Theatre, Oxford, England. Nov. 14th-19th 1966.

Brighton Theatre Royal, England. Nov. 21st-26th 1966.

Adelphi Theatre, Dublin. Nov. 28th-29th 1966.

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, England. Dec. 13th 1966.

Empire Theatre, Sunderland, England. Dec. 5th-6th 1966.

Pavillion Theatre, Bournemouth, England. Dec. 9th-19th 1966.

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, England. Dec. 15th 1966.

Expo Theatre, Montreal. June 12th-24th 1967.

Tivoli, Copenhagen. Aug. 1st-31st 1967.

Swedish Theatre, Helsinki, Finland. Sept. 2nd-5th 1967.

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre , New York. Oct. 9th Nov 18th 1967.

Adelaide, Australia. Mar. 18th-21st 1968.

Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles. April 25th- May 11th 1968.

Masonic Auditorium, San Fransisco. May 21st-25th 1968.

Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York. Oct 3rd-Nov 30th 1968.

Blue Room, Tropicana Hotel , Las Vegas. Dec. 5th-21st 1968.

Broadmoor International Theatre, Colarado Springs. July 1st-5th 1969.

Jesse H. Jones Hall, Houston, Texas. July 29th-Aug. 1st 1969.

Opera House, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada. Aug. 4th-10th 1969.

Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland. Aug. 13th-16th 1969.

Expo 70. Expo Theatre, Osaka Japan. Sep. 8th-10th 1970.

Playboy Plaza Hotel, Miami. Feb. 1971.

Expo70. Tivoli, Copenhagen. July 16th-31st 1971.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, England. Sept. 15th 1971.(Midnight)

Viareggio, Italy. April 2nd 1972.

Queen's Theatre, London, England. May 29th-June 10th 1972.

Auditorium Theatre, Denver. Sept. 20th-23rd 1972.

New London Theatre, Drury Lane, London, England. Nov. 24th-26th 1972.

Dade County Auditorium, Miami. Feb. 1st-3rd 1973.

Mill Run Theatre, Niles, Illinois. March15th-18th 1973.

Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, California. March 22nd-24th 1973.

Alexander Theatre, Birmingham, England. May 14th-19th 1973.

New Southport Theatre, Southport, England. May 23rd-26th 1973.

Theatre Royal, Brighton, England. May 28th-June 2nd 1973.

New Theatre, Cardiff, Wales. June 4th-9th 1973.

Wimbledon Theatre, London, England. June11th-16th 1973.

Tito's nightclub, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. June 23rd 1973.

L'Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris France. Sept .19th-29th/Sept. 29th-Oct.10th 1973.

Tivoli, Copenhagen. Oct. 20th 1973.

Stadsteater, Malmo, Sweden. Oct. 21st 1973.

Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden. Oct. 22nd 1973.

Music Fair, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Nov. 6th-11th 1973.

Shady Graove Music Fair, Washington D.C. Nov. 13th-18th 1973.

Place des Artes, Montreal. Nov. 24th 1973.

Royal York Hotel, Toronto. Nov. 28th-Dec 1st 1973.

Celebrity Theatre, Pheonix, Arizona. Dec. 4th 1973.

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco. Dec. 6th-16th 1973.

Carnegie Hall, New York. Jan. 3rd-6th 1974.

Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas. Jan. 10th-23rd 1974.

Masonic Temple, Detroit. Feb. 2nd-3rd 1974.

Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans. Feb. 7th-20th 1974.

Flamboyan Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Feb. 26th-March 3rd 1974.

Fairmont hotel, New Orleans. April 3rd-13th 1974.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles. April15th-16th 1974.

John F. Kennedy Center Opera House,Washington, D.C. April 23rd-25th 1974.

Symphony Hall, Pheonix, Arizona. May 17th-18th 1974.

Masonic Temple, Toledo, Ohio. May 24th 1974.

O'Shaughnessy Auditorium, St. Paul, Minnesota. May 26th 1974.

Chicago Auditorium, Illinois. May 29th 1974.

Music Circus, Sacremento, California. June 3rd-9th 1974.

Mexico City. June 13th-26th 1974.

Candlewood Theatre, New Fairefield, Connecticut. July15th-21st 1974.

Grosvenor House, London, England. Sept. 9th-15th 1974.

National Theatre, Rio de Janeiro. Nov. 22nd-24th 1974.

Municipal Theatre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nov 29th-30th 1974.

Opera House, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Dec. 2nd-3rd 1974.

Hotel Tamanaco, Caracus, Venezuela. Dec. 6th-7th 1974.

Festival Hall, Osaka. Dec. 15th-16th 1974.

Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo. Dec. 17th 1974.

Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Dec. 23rd Dec 1974.

Hotel Pacific, Tokyo. Dec. 24th-25th 1974.

Forest National, Brussels. Jan. 25th 1975.

Carre Theatre, Amsterdam. Jan. 27th 1975.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Antwerp, Belgium. Jan. 30th 1975.

Wimbledon Theatre, London, England. Feb. 3rd-15th 1975.

Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England. Feb. 16th 1975.

Royal York Hotel, Toronto. Feb. 24th-Mar. 1st 1975.

Place de Artes, Montreal. Mar. 2nd 1975.

Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas. Mar. 5th-15th 1975.

Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami. Mar. 17th-23rd 1975.

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco. Mar.27th-April 6th 1975.

Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans. April 9th-19th 1975.

Memphis, Tennessee. May 2nd 1975.

Front Row Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio. May 2nd-4th 1975.

Star Theatre, Naunet, New York. May 9th-11th 1975.

Fairmont Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. May 14th-24th 1975.

Playhouse in the Park, Philadelphia. May 27th-June 1st 1975.

Kenley Players Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio. June 13th-15th 1975.

Star Theatre, Flint , Michigan. July 19th-21st 1975.

Northshore Music Theatre, Beverly, Illinois. June 23rd-28th 1975.

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. Sept 1st-13th 1975.

Canberra Theatre, Australia. Sept. 16th-18th 1975.
Her Majesty's Theatre, Sydney, Australia. Sept 22nd-October 4th 1975

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